Saturday, March 15, 2014

Italian Cream Soda

We’re on a TOTAL Italian Cream Soda kick at our house right now!!  They are SO easy to make and you can make them in pretty much any flavor! (Skip adding the cream for a “regular” Italian Soda.)
If you haven’t had one before, you’re gonna thank me when you try it!



2 ounces Italian syrup, any flavor (Vanilla, Cherry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Peach, etc. – I like cherry or blackberry!)

2 Tbsp half-and-half (we always have heavy cream in the fridge, so that’s what we use and I pretty much eyeball it.)

6 ounces club soda



Fill glass half to ¾ full with crushed ice.

Pour in flavored syrup.

Add club soda.

Finish with cream and stir.

Enjoy and you're welcome! ♥