Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Home!!

I'm back from my roadtrip and boy am I tired!! We saw lots of corn fields and sunflower fields, averaged 10 -11 hours a day in the car and hit 10 states in 5 days (some more than once!)! I'll post pictures and stories soon. We also had a special guest join us for the trip (hint: my favorite cupcake). More to come....

Four Corners

Check it out!! My big butt can touch four states at one time!!
Time to start that diet!! :)


  1. What fun! Can't wait to see more pix! You don't look like you need a diet girl!?!?! Hugs! Sandy

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  3. I've been here with my son. We did the arms and legs, one in each state thing. We also did the jump from state to state. And run the chihuahua around the states. It was waaaaay too hot to put our actual butt down on the ground though. And there were lots of people waiting for a turn.

  4. Oh, how rude. I forgot to introduce myself. I came by from the S&S Swap participant list. Nice to meetcha!

  5. Hey laume!
    Thanks for stoppin' by!!


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