Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lollishops Valentine Giveaway - Redux!

Since the Lollishops Valentine Giveaway got scrapped
(beyond my control), I've decided to have a re-do and post my
giveaway again. So here goes...

February 1st - 10th, I'll be hosting a giveaway
for my Lollishop,
The Cupcake Cupboard .
You could win this Lemon-Yellow Sweet Shoppe Pincushion!

Here's how to enter:
1. Go to
The Cupcake Cupboard and check it out.
Then leave a comment here letting me know what your favorite item is. Also let me know if you were to order a
custom made item from me, what would that be.

2. For another chance to win, become a follower to my blog.

3. For yet another chance to win, post my giveaway
badge on your blog.

4. And for yet another chance to win, blog about my
Lollishop and/or giveaway.

Make sure to leave contact info.
I'll pick the winner on February 11th!

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck!!



  1. Cute pincushions!

    Hmmm... I'm having a tough time deciding on my favourite. It's either the pincushions in the soda glasses, the one in the coffee cup, or the jar with the monkey fabric on top!

    I think if I were to request a custom order, it would be to use the monkey fabric on a brown coffee cup pincushion... and even better if you can make a hidden compartment if you pull the pincushion out of the cup! (I wonder if someone makes little coffee bean buttons for on top? I bet it wouldn't be that hard to make one out of Fimo.)

    I blogged your contest here:

  2. Ohhh please enter me! My fav is the pin cushion in the ice cream cup (in picture above). If I had to custom order, I would ask for a half pint jar with an image of a pin up girl sewing (on the top).

    Sandy :)

  3. Cute ice-cream cone pincushion.

    I will check out lolli-shops, but wanted to let you know first i entered you in my nest giveaway.
    Did you put it on your blog? I can enter you twice then.

    I will let you know if i figure out how to do any of those other things as far as entries go.

    Barbara Jean

  4. Oooh! Pick me! :)
    I love the sock monkey pincushion, but it's hard to choose just one! Hmmm... If I were to request a custom order, I would choose a very bright colored owl fabric on a pin cushion. I'm thinking pinks and baby blues... if such a fabric even exists! :o)
    I'm following you now! ;) Hugs!

  5. I love them all! I like the jar pincushions though, great way to store extra bobbins and such. If I were going to do a custom order, I would like something with a big bright bold floral print on top of a jar.

  6. I want to start of saying your stuff is SO cute!!! I do love the first, bake shoppe pincushions though. Their little ruffle on the edge is a winner for me.
    If I were to get something custom ordered I would like maybe a banana split style (to follow the sweet treats theme). I have a TON of quilting safety pins that I would love to have a long enough pin cushion to stick them in.

  7. cushions.I love the one in the ice cream soda glass.For a custom order I would go with a cat with ice cream or sweets fabric.Thank you for entering me.Jen

  8. I like all of them. I ordered one of your sweet shop pin cushion in the blue and I really love it. It is so cute and sweet. Please enter me in your drawing. I also love the cuppa cup. I do not have a blog but if I did would add you as a favorite.

    Erin Parker

  9. I love the cuppa-cupcake thanks

  10. Greetings:

    Hands down it would be the Atomic Housewife. I have been a housewife for 33 years and wouldn't dream of going throughout the day w/o lipstick! Love the red lipstick. LOL

    If I had a custom order it would be a larger version of the Atomic Housewife. More is more, right!

    I don't have a blog but I sent your blog to ALL my contacts on YAHOO/HOTMAIL and asked them to pass it on to all their contacts!

    Love your blog. All your goodies are fab. bridget

  11. They're all great! I like the Cuppa-Cupcake best. Just my cuppa!

    If I were to order one, though, I would have to have one using one of my handmade shallow bowls with a quilted top - for my sister the quilter!

  12. My favorite is the Skeleton Rose, most definetly!
    A cool custom pin cushion might be an ice cream cone type thing.

  13. I follow your blog on bloglines!

  14. And, it will be on my blog this afternoon!

  15. Hello. I really love your work.
    well, my favorite item is the "atomic housewife pin.", because I think is very ironic...
    but to order I think the "sock monkey" would be my choice, I really love this creatures...
    have fun.

  16. So nice your work! Have a nice day!

  17. I love your pin cushions... all of them. Though, if I had to decide on my favourite I would say the sushi half pint.

    If I were to request a custom order, I would ask for a mini-dressform.


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