Monday, February 16, 2009

Gotta Have 'Em!!

My newest obsession - Vintage Head Vases!!!
I seriously L-O-V-E them!!!
The hair, the eye lashes... TO DIE FOR!!!

The is my first one - just got her last week!!
I'm hoping that she'll be joined by lots of sisters and
girlfriends in the near furture. A girl can dream!!

Have a WONDERFUL week!!

PS. There's still time to join the party !


  1. how darn cute, thanks for sharing,Amy

  2. Oh let me tell you once you start collecting these little beauties it becomes an addiction. I'm totally in love with these little ladies. I buy one every time I see one. I love your's I haven't seen her before Thanks for sharing her!

  3. She is lovely Julie! I collect them as well and am so fortunate to have received a large one from my Grandmother. Did you get her on e-bay?

    Sand xox

  4. Hey Sandy!
    You lucky duck!!
    Yes, I got mine from ebay - a bargain too!!
    xoxo - Julie

  5. oh i have seen these at antique stores since I was little. I think John even has one that he thinks is a marilyn monroe head vase but it is not. ha
    what a great collection to start.

  6. I have never heard of them, but they are way cool!
    I got my purchase today and I absolutely adore it! It's even prettier in person!
    Thank you!

  7. I love these little ladyhead vases but they were a little pricy to begin with and now anyone who wants to sell one really seems to think it's worth an arm and a leg!
    Hope you find a whole bunch at bargain prices. :)Nancy


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