Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Once Upon a Swap

My Vintage Ephemera Group recently had fairytale
swap called "Once Upon a Swap" swap.
We were to make one item based on our partner's favorite fairytale and them include at least 5 other fairytale items.
I had two partners.

My first partner was jillzwhimzy and one of her
favorite fairytales is Thumbelina.
I decided to make her a Thumbelina Cupcake Box.

Thumbelina Cupcake Box

My other partner was ShabbyJules in Australia.
She loves Alice in Wonderland,
so I made her an Alice Cupcake Box.

Alice in Wonerland Cupcake

I also included lots of other goodies in the swap:

Snow White and her Peeps
Snow White and Her Peeps

Gummi Pigs Goldilock's Treats
Gummi Pigs and Goldilock's Treats

LIttle Bear's Porridge Spoon
Little Bear/Baby Bear's Porridge Spoon

Magic Wands
Magic Wands

Vintage Puzzles
Vintage Puzzles

Snow White & Little Red
Vintage Snow White & Little Red Riding Hood

I had SO MUCH fun putting these swaps together!
I think that my partners were happy with them.
Can't wait to see what they've sent me!!
I'll share with you when they arrive!



  1. I just love all the beautiful things you made your swap partners and I'm sure they are thrilled with them too. Your very talented and thank you for shareing.

  2. OMG! Those cup[cakes are fabulous!!!!

  3. Wow! I am SO sorry I missed this one! What incredible vintage goodies you found! And the cupcakes you made...well, they're AMAZING!

  4. What an awesome swap, everything you put together is perfect and beautiful!


  5. Oh my... i make cupcakes too, different from yours if you'd like to see go to my blog:

    yours are just DARLING! and your blog banner... sounds JUST like ME!


  6. I just love the Alice in Wonderland cupcake!!!!


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