Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hey all you puppy-lovin' dog owners!! I'm looking for some
advice. In August, we're heading to Eureka, CA (12 hr. drive)
for my 20th reunion and a family camping trip and we're taking
our little Sophie with us (she'll be 4 months old by then).
I was wondering if you all had any travel tips for us.
  • We are crate training her now.
  • We'll be traveling in my Kia Sedona (van).
  • At camp, we'll be sleeping in a tent.

I'm really not sure where to begin, so I'd appreciate
any advice, tips or suggestions!



  1. Hey dear, I don't have any puppy tips, (I only have kitties) but it's good that you're crate training already!

  2. The Vintage RabbitJune 27, 2009 at 3:00 PM

    The crate is where it's at...they then know that it is their SAFE place. I think you will be just fine..just maybe some extra potty stops along the way....have fun


  3. Be sure to keep Sophie's collar and tag with your cell phone number on it at all times! We always bring a very long rope to tie our dogs to outside the camper. Bring fresh water for her. We always get really good chew toys called Bully Sticks. The are bull penis, and smell pretty bad, but they are good for the dogs- rawhide is the worst.

  4. Lots of stops is the key....she'll need to stretch her legs, and sniff around. You'll do fine, relax and enjoy the trip.

  5. Hi
    I just stopped by your blog and saw that you needed a little help. Biggest tip I can give you is to ensure that your puppy is tired when you begin your journey - so take her for a walk (the longer the better, remembering of course that pups need shorter walks than grown up doggies), don't feed her a full meal before setting out, just a light meal. Stop every 3 hours for toilet break and as soon as you arrive you take her for another good walk. When we camp I usually take our dog for a walk while my husband sets up our camp. The other advice I give you is stay calm - your pup will pick up on your vibe if you're anxious. I am a huge fan (well worshipper!) of Cesar Milan and I can't recommend his book - Cesar's Way - enough. There is a section on travel! happy camping... lots of love Issy (from the UK) and a lick from my dog Mo x

  6. Great advice, Issy! I think that Sophie will be fine. She's getting comfortable with her carseat and better at going for walks.

    We are big "Dog Whisperer" fans too!!

    Sophie greetings to Mo!!

    Grins & giggles,


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