Monday, February 15, 2010

Our BIG Trip

Matthew and I are getting ready for the
BIG 8th grade Washington DC Trip.
We leave on March 9th and will be gone until March 21st.
We will be going to places like Jamestown, Williamsburg and Monticello, Arlington Cemetery, Washington Monument, the Pentagon, Gettysburg, Amish Country, and NYC! It's a LONG, FULL trip, but we are all looking forward to it!

While we are preparing (and while we're gone), there are a few things that we could use prayer/happy thoughts for:
  • safe/smooth travel (especially in the air)
  • good health for us AND our entire group (151 people)
  • perfect weather (NO rain)
  • that we are chosen to tour the White House
  • perfect-little 8th grade angles
  • happy parents
  • wisdom for our leaders/directors
  • I would be a great chaperone for Matthew and the other two boys in our room
  • everything would go smoothly back home while we're gone
  • strong friendships and bonds would be formed
  • God would richly bless the students on this trip

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
Can't wait to share stories and pictures from our trip!



  1. are you afraid of flying? it's not my favorite- my dr. gives me xanex so I can do it... Hope you have a WONDERFUL and safe trip!!!!

  2. Have so much fun and be safe!!!!!


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