Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet and Sinister Swap

I don’t know about you, but I REALLY miss ArtsyMama's Sweet and Sinister Halloween Swap!  Being that Kari is not longer hosting this swap, I decided to throw one together—TOTALLY last minute!

So, here are the details (I’m pretty much borrowing them straight from the original swap—thanks Kari!):

Basically, the sweet and sinister theme is about vintage style black and white—a splash of orange, green, purple, or red would be fine too.  Swap items can be Halloween oriented, but they don't need to be.  However, almost everything should be black or white (any shade of white/cream/antique white, etc.) or both , unless you and your partner have decided otherwise.

The swap will require sending to your partner:

something sweet

something sinister

a handmade item

something thrifted

and a home decor item.

The mail out date for the swap is October 5th!
If you would like to commit to participating in this swap, leave a comment below to let me know.  Be SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO i CAN SEND YOU THE SWAP GROUP INVITE.  you CAN SIGN UP UNTIL August 30.  i WILL "RANDOMLY" ASSIGN PARTNERS AND NOTIFY YOU ON September 1.  You and your partner can then discuss your likes & dislikes, color palates, and any other particulars.
Please take the swap pledge and make a promise to yourself and your partner that you will:

Create a package that is one that you would enjoy receiving.
the items are in good condition or handmade with care.
respect one another. If problems arise, try to work things out.
If necessary email me as soon as possible.
Commit to mailing out on time so that your partner will receive
heir items in plenty of time for Halloween.
I will try to post some inspiration and possible giveaways on my blog from time to time.  If you need more ideas, you can check out previous swaps here and here.  Also, if you'd like to contribute a giveaway, have a tutorial, or just a really great idea, let me know!
I can't wait to get started!
xoxo, Julie


  1. Julie..I would like to be IN!

  2. I am in...loved this swap, remember that is how we met...!

  3. Looking forward to creating some spooky fun pretties for you, J!



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