Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Bits

Made some stuff, got some stuff... thought I'd share!

Skeleton Rose Half-Pint Pincushion
Wanted to make something that would appeal to you
hardcore rockstar crafters!

Vintage-inspired Paper House Ornament
This is just a prototype!

Pink Christmas!
Workin' on some Christmas ornaments using vintage
aluminum Christmas light reflectors and tinsel!

Home for the Holidays Swap
Look at all of the Christmas goodness that artbyheather
sent me!! Tons of treasures!!!

Lil' Old Me
My Dad sent me a cd of old family photos that he had scanned.
It had old, old, old photos of great-grandparents, old,
old photos of grandma as a little girl,
old photos of dad as a baby, and not so old photos of ME as a tot!
I posted more of them on

That's all for now!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!
Grins & Giggles,
Julie xoxoxo


  1. WOW you got a bunch of loot from artbyheather and that little paper house ornament is cute! I wish I had some old photos when I was a baby but only have maybe 10! I think its fun to see yourself as a baby. You were so cute!

  2. oh the skeleton half pint is so cool i know some people out there would love that!!

    cute babies pics and a ton of stuff for the swap. Have to get mine out here this week


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