Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer of Selfies - Week Two

Soooo.... how does it feel, week one taking selfies? Awkward? Silly? Hard? Stupid? Fun? Wonderful? Fantastic? Well don't give up. It may take some getting used to. It'll get easier. Don't think that every day has to be some well thought out, well staged, perfectly coiffed shot. That's not the point. Be you, in that moment. Not feelin' the prompts? Then do your own thing - ain't nothin' wrong with that! And don't stress if you miss a day, you won't be kicked out of the challenge or anything! Just pick back up the next day! If you haven't started yet, no worries! There's always time to jump on this party train! (It all started HERE .)

We wanted to post next week's prompts a little early so you can be thinking about them! Hope you like 'em and have fun!! Week Two starts Sunday, June 28th. We'd also love to hear how you're feeling throughout the challenge, so feel free to leave us a comment!

One more thing... we've changed the hashtag to #SummerOfSelfies2015, so don't forget to add it when you post your pics!

Now go, be FABULOUS!!

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