Monday, July 28, 2008

My Night with JM!

Well, my favorite cupcake did NOT disappoint!
Even with his new buzz haircut,
he still delivered on an amazing two hour concert!
I was sad to see it end!!

He even sang a new song that he had previewed
a little snip of a few months ago!
It was awesome to hear it in it's entirety! Take a listen!


  1. I'm not sure about the new haircut (actually, I am sure, I don't like it), but I'm soooooo Jealous that you got to see John! I adore him too!

  2. Aaack no wonder you were delighted to hear JM's song on my blog! It must have been an awesome concert.Thanks for visiting! I will keep your blog on my links! You're CupcakeDD from flickr right? I'm assuming you know I'm sandbeech from flickr too. Great blog!

    Sandy XOX

  3. you are so funny with your obsession and for everyone to read, lol. and i hear that he is recently single... are you lookin? :)


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